Think the suggestion of connecting with spirit guides is ridiculous? Maybe you have grown persuaded that there actually IS no such thing as an immortality … or heavenly powers that advance after this life is over.

The reality is, there are a multitude of amazing ways that ordinary people have actually obtained personal PROOF that the afterlife is not only genuine, but that are easy, repeatable methods for going across the “shroud” with interaction, in THIS life … now.

Currently, prior to we continue to far, I ‘d like to make one easy declaration of individual fact. I do not truly believe in “death”. I rely on life. Life currently … as well as life later on. While the TYPE of your recognition and also the energy that stimulates us DOES adjustment from the physical to the energetic after fatality, your creative thinking as well as awareness does NOT end. (neither does your ability to connect with those that continue to be here).

Below are 2 very simple ways to interact with spirit overviews that can be done from residence.

1 – EVP. Better referred to as electronic voice phenomena or ITC (important transcommunication) is the extremely straightforward, yet surprisingly reliable method of connecting with the other side through voice recordings, or in some extreme cases, call and/or visually caught pictures.

Before you laugh this off as foolish … there are tens of thousands of EVP’s you can pay attention to that are fairly amazing online, captured across every society, country and also continent, and some are so unbelievably motivating and also clear that the ONLY means to discuss them away is fraud.

Also note that Thomas Edison was dealing with a spirit phone before his passing … and also the design GIANT and also wizard Nikolai Tesla was also interested with the suggestion of using a phone to interact with spirits. (and also actually implicated Edison of swiping his concept).

2 – EMDR.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a psychological device used to aid, heal and supply hope to individuals who have suffered post stressful tension disorder. Among the incredible “adverse effects” reported by lots of people who have had this proven method done?

They’ve reported seeing spirits … as well as having extreme, interactive and also commonly extremely recovery experiences with enjoyed ones that have actually been lost. Some researches show that 90% of people who will do an extremely particular kind of EMDR will certainly have visitation experiences with spirit … and this consists of some people you would certainly never think would certainly “believe” in the paranormal … like soldiers coming back from battle, authorities as well as firemans, and also cutting edge paramedics in conflict zones.

There are obviously, MANY more … including utilizing a psychomanteum, which is extremely comparable to scrying or using a mirror to promote an after death encounter (made preferred by Dr. Raymond Moody, who originated the modern-day near fatality experience activity) as well as assisted mediation, s visualization, using spiritual tools and also strategies, and also obviously … merely seeing or speaking with a competent tool.

And when it’s time to go back “house”, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by more “angels” than you can count!