We frequently question where extraterrestrials originate from, that they are, and what is our relationship to them.

Exactly how do they travel those huge distances as well as just how do they show up out of slim air and after that vanish so fast when sought by military aircraft. They seem to be traveling thousands of miles per hr, and also then, they suddenly vanish in ordinary sight of trained pilots and also ground viewers.

There have to be something we are missing, they do not appear to be adhering to the very same natural laws of physics as we do below on planet earth. If they did, they would certainly be not able to operate as they do.

I believe what we are missing is numerous do not really reside in the physical world as we human beings do, as well as they have found out to teleport as well as just materialize when they get in the earth’s ambience.

I believe we people do the very same when we enter physical form after being in the spirit globe, simply put, we collect what we require to exist on planet from the components of the earth.

Isn’t that what we do while we are in the womb?

We require to stop believing as humans having a heart as well as start assuming as a heart that has a body would certainly believe. Our thinking has become obsolete, and also we have placed ourselves in a box.

Our site visitors come from several solar systems, world and facts, it’s not a one dimension fits all scenario. They come for lots of various reasons as well as schedules.

Some want us harm, yet I believe the majority of are below to learn about our cultures and additionally to direct us in our spiritual improvement and also discovering, not just do we development however by us advancing in our evolvement, we advance everyone else in the universe as well as thus enable every soul to ultimately go back to Resource.

I’ve heard them inform me they are our future, what does that suggest? In that respect, they need us to progress so they (we) can exist in the future. If we do not (do it right), neither we or they will certainly have a future.

They are right here to direct us so we don’t damage ourselves and also them at the same time if we cease to exist, they additionally no longer exist.

Even the so-called evil ones, who would do us harm are right here for the exact same purpose.

That purpose is to show us to take on evil as well as do the right thing, no matter just how we believe the outcome will be.

It’s all about favorable pressures and also ideas getting over the adverse pressures and also ideas most of us deal with each day.

Only when we encounter and also overcome the negative thoughts as well as anxiety in life, will certainly like reign supreme.

It is after that the earth will certainly welcome a brand-new degree of idea, the Christ Consciousness in what numerous think will certainly be the 2nd coming.

I have actually passed through the globe in search of fact, my truth, during which time I have had a possibility to examine with Native seniors, native American Indians, and a few of the world’s finest intuitive. All of this has lead me to better comprehend our world and all points therein included.