They drift through the spine-chilling web pages of several a sea-faring thread – the ghost ships which cruise eternally to haunt the living seas. But once, in the English Network, an actual ghost ship cruised. The story began with a collision in thick fog.

Both ships which collided were the French cleaner Frigorifique constructed 1869. A ketch rigged cleaner of 715 lots, carrying red wine from Bordeaux to Rouen and also the British 522 heap collier Rumney, constructed 1879, cruising from Cardiff with 920 tons of coal bound for Rochefort. They collided off Ile de Seine during a thick, clouded early morning on 19th March, 1884.

The Rumney was guiding S.E. by S. on slow engines with her steam whistle appearing at routine periods. When the lookout heard a noise on the port bow, quickly the captain reversed engines to complete astern, where the Frigorifique, relocating at considerable rate (later denied by the Frigorifique) on a western course, was seen crossing the bows of the Rumney, relocating from port to starboard.

The wheels of both ships were put over hard a starboard however the accident could not be prevented, the stem of the Rumney being available in contact with the various other vessels starboard quarter, cutting half method throughout her deck. In the crash, the helm of the Frigorifique was forced and jammed hard a port, the helmsman being tossed totally over the wheel. As the two vessels stayed stuck together for a time and also the Frigorifique appeared to be handling water, the French crew of 22 hands immediately abandoned their ship and also jumped aboard the Rumney and afterwards the Frigorifique, who’s engines were still going ahead, slipped away as well as disappeared into the fog.

With the survivors aboard, the Rumney cruised on. All of a sudden, the Frenchmen cried out in fear. For next a fantastic ship impended silently out of the haze, narrowly missing out on the Rumney. It was the French ship which they thought had sunk.

And also twenty mins later on, the ‘ghost ship’ again impended out of the fog, one more time bearing down on the British ship. This moment there was no escape. With a deafening crash the Frigorifique’s bows smashed into the starboard quarter of the collier. Within seconds, the Rumney was sinking, sending her 15 males going to the ships lifeboat and punting while the French staff went with the pinnace. The French ship had its retribution. The two crews in the watercrafts gave chase and also was successful in boarding the runaway ship, and her engines were quit, but shortly after that it was found she was additionally sinking, nonetheless both staffs were conserved and also helped onto land by some fishermen.

As the haze lifted, and the survivors of both ships saw the French ship clearly across the sea, the ominous secret was discussed. The Frigorifique had not sunk after that first accident. With her boilers still running as well as her tail jammed by the crash, the deserted ship had actually remained to vapor in a full circle, two times crossing the path of the collier. Only after that, following her vengeance, her dangerous haunting was finished, did she lastly sink.