There is a relatively new poker network launched 4 years ago that continues to increase in number and also affiliate partners and accept players from all over the world. This network is called Cake. I must admit I like the name and now poker players who play on the Cake Network can get their own piece of cake through Rakeback Cake Poker.

For those of you novice poker players or poker players who have played on the Cake website without a rakeback deal but don’t know what rakeback is, this is the short definition. All poker sites make a profit by charging a small percentage usually between 2-5% of each pot played in cash games, or by charging a registration fee of up to 10% for each tournament played. Rakeback is a refund made by poker sites to players as a reward for player loyalty. However, you can only receive rakeback if you register through a rakeback provider such as Rakeback Reward.

Cake Poker Network offers better than usual rakeback offers. 33% higher than 5% of the rakeback offered at Full Tilt and 3% greater than the rakeback offered at UB or Absolute Poker. The 5 main poker sites that use Cake Poker Network and offer rakeback are Cake Poker, Doyles Room, Gutshot Poker, Power Poker and Red Star Poker.

Lee Jones, the famous poker book author, previous poker room manager from Poker Stars and Operations Manager Cardrunners now runs Cake Poker which shows how serious Cake is about improving their site and the desire to expand and bring in more players from around the world. With Lee’s reputation whiter than whites, you can guarantee that this site will grow substantially over the next few years.

If you find the game increasingly difficult on Full tilt and Poker Stars, you should register a rakeback account at one of the Poker Cake network sites and let the fish come to you instead of being hunted by sharks in large places. the site. Poker Poker does not allow table scanning software or poker tracking software that allows pro players to know where the weaker players sit which is the main negative for novice players who are trying to learn. Cake Poker also gives players the option to change their screen names once a week if desired. These are all innovative ideas that give each player the same opportunity to do well and more skilled players naturally have the opportunity to develop. Try your cake now, you will not be disappointed!